Glow (2019), performed by Ensemble Offspring for Birdsong at Dusk. The Music Lounge, Wollongong. 16th August 2019.

D-re-A-mi-N-gl-Y for mezzo soprano, piano and percussion, performed by Barbara Kinga Majewska, Emilia Sitarz, and Magdalena Kordylasińska.

Helix Reflection performed by Mark McGregor (flute) and Liam Hockley (clarinet)

Mark McGregor + Liam Hockley Jane Stanley, Helix Reflection from Vancouver New Music on Vimeo.

Helix Reflection for flute and clarinet, performed by Ensemble Offspring (Lamorna Nightingale and Jason Noble)

Cerulean Orbits performed by Benjamin Beilman (violin) and Andrew Tyson (piano)

Suite performed by Red Note Ensemble

Firefly performed by Sally Treloyn

Spindrift/Interiors performed by Michael Hooper, Ian Shanahan and Zubin Kanga