3 March 2021 8:30 East Coast time (NYC),The Faery Cup for solo clarinet, performed by Timothy Bonenfant at the 2021 Music By Women Festival, Mississippi University for Women.

New work for The Hermes Experiment, for release on my premiere composer portrait CD, Delphian Records.

New work for cello and bass clarinet for Ensemble Thing, Sound Festival 2021.

New work for solo violin, commissioned by the Royal Academy of Music for their 200 Pieces Project.

May 2022 New work for SATB choir, commissioned by Glasgow School of Art Choir in collaboration with Glasgow Women’s Library.



29 January Release of video about the development and evolution of Lalla Rookh by the Rookh Quartet.


9 March Midnight Meditation, performed by Boston Conservatory Percussion Ensemble, The Boston Conservatory Studio 106, 132 Ipswich Street.


11 October The Faery Cup for bass clarinet, performed by Sarah Watts, At One With Music, Inverness, Spectrum Centre, 1pm.

16 November The Faery Cup for bass clarinet, performed by Sarah Watts, The Arts Club, Glasgow.

17 November The Faery Cup for bass clarinet, performed by Sarah Watts, Scottish Arts Club, Edinburgh.

16 August 2019 Glow for flute, clarinet and percussion, performed by Ensemble Offspring, The Music Lounge, Wollongong Town Hall.

9 September 2019 Glow for flute, clarinet and percussion, performed by Ensemble Offspring, The Black Box, Belfast.

10 September 2019 Glow for flute, clarinet and percussion, performed by Ensemble Offspring, The Hug and Pint, Glasgow.

11 September 2019 Glow for flute, clarinet and percussion, performed by Ensemble Offspring, Scottish Storytelling Centre, Edinburgh.

12 September 2019 Glow for flute, clarinet and percussion, performed by Ensemble Offspring, Belmont Filmhouse, Aberdeen.

23 May 2019 Firefly Reflection for solo clarinet, premiered by Alex South, Bell Pettigrew Museum, University of St. Andrews.

11 April 2019 The Faery Cup for bass clarinet, commissioned by Sarah Watts for Ten Wee Drams project, Gathering Room, Raasay Distillery, 2.30pm.

24 February 2019 Lalla Rookh for three horns and speaker, Rookh Quartet, Doune Community Hall.

19 February 2019 Lalla Rookh for natural horn and speaker, Andy Saunders, St. Cecilia’s, Edinburgh.

16 February 2019 Helix Reflection (2013) for flute and clarinet, performed by Mark McGregor (flute) and Liam Hockley (clarinet) at ANNEX in Vancouver, Canada. Video


27 September 2018 Lalla Rookh (2018 version) for horn trio and speaker, performed by Rookh Horn Quartet, University of Glasgow Concert Hall, Glasgow, UK.

16 September 2018 Firefly for solo clarinet, performed by Alex South, ‘MOFO session’; Design Tasmania, Launceston.

31 August 2018 Firefly for solo clarinet, performed by Alex South, ‘House gig’, Rozelle, Sydney

31 July 2018 Desert Rose (2010) for flute and vibraphone, and Helix Reflection (2013)  for flute and clarinet, performed by Ensemble Offspring, Delmar Gallery, Trinity Grammar School, Sydney, Australia.

8 July 2018 Firefly for solo clarinet (2018 revised version), performed by Alex South, Glad Cafe, Glasgow, UK.

4 March 2018 Helix Reflection, Ensemble Offspring, ArtisTree, 1/F Cambridge House, Taikoo Place, 979 King’s Road, Quarry Bay, Hong Kong.


11 November 2017 Piano Sonata, Bernadette Harvey, performed by Bernadette Harvey, 11 November 2017, Sydney Conservatorium of Music.

22 November 2017, 12:30pm: New work (Lalla Rookh) for natural horn, performed by Andy Saunders, Being Human Festival, Alliance Française. More details here.

Helix Reflection, Iklectic Art Lab Old Paradise Yard 20 Carlisle Lane (Royal Street Corner) London SE1 7LG, 21 March 2017


Into Radiant Azure for piano, Nolan Pearson, Kerrytown Concert House, Ann Arbor, 8 December.

Pentimenti for piano duo, Lutoslawski Piano Duo, University of Glasgow Concert Hall, 3 November 8pm

Cerulean Orbits for Benjamin Beilman (violin) and Andrew Tyson (piano) commissioned by Musica Viva, touring Australia:

Perth 3 October
Adelaide 5 October
Coffs Harbour 7 October
Armidale 8 October
Sydney 10 October
Newcastle 13 October
Sydney 15 October
Hobart 17 October
Brisbane 19 October
Canberra 20 October
Melbourne 22 October
Adelaide 25 October

Winter Song, Robert Irvine (cello), Loch Shiel Festival, UK, 16 April 2016.


Dreamingly, Magdalena Kordylasinska, Emilia Sitarz, Barbara Kinga Majewska, Krolikarnia Museum, Warsaw, 31 October 2015.

Pentimenti Lauryna Sableviciute and Nicholas Ashton, Concert Hall, University of Glasgow 12 March 2015

Helix Reflection, for clarinet and flute, performed by Ensemble Offspring (Jason Noble and Lamorna Nightingale) Tuesday 3rd March 2015, Paddington Uniting Church, Australia.


Suite for clarinet, violin, cello and piano – recording by Red Note Ensemble in November, conducted by Jessica Cottis.

Plavi, an audiovisual collaboration between Jane Stanley and Louise Harris, to be screened on Sunday 26th October, 7pm, as part of a showcase entitled Regeneration at The Admiral, Glasgow.

Pentimenti, ISCM World Music Days in Poland, 2014, 10 October 2014, Emilia Sitarz and Bartlomiej Wasik

Round the Bay, Halcyon, Music Workshop, Sydney Conservatorium of Music, 29 March 2014

Helix Reflection Ensemble Offspring: Coffs Harbour Jetty Memorial Theatre, 2pm Sunday 16th March, Parramatta Raffertys @ Riverside Theatres, 7.30pm, Tuesday 18th March, Brisbane Judith Wright Centre, 7:30pm Friday 21st March, Gosford Central Coast Con, 2:30pm Sunday 23rd March. For information, see Ensemble Offspring’s website.

Gathering, Donna Coleman, 13-15 February 2014, Tenth Festival of Women Composers, Indiana University, USA.

Pentimenti, Lauryna Sableviciute and Nicholas Ashton, 18 February 2014 at Reid Hall, University of Edinburgh, UK.

Into Radiant Azure for solo piano (WP), Nolan Pearson, 7 February 2014, Rolston Recital Hall, Banff, Canada


Helix Reflection, Ensemble Offspring, 22 November 2013, Australia.

Helix Reflection, Ensemble Offspring, 18 October 2013, University of Glasgow, UK.

Streamlines for solo piano premiered by Scott Mitchell, 14 June 2013, Concert Hall, University of Glasgow.

LabNotes, collaborative piece for music and film, with Martin Clark, Dr. Lorraine Kerr and Dr. Christine Knight, funded by Scottish Crucible, launched Royal Society of Edinburgh on 14 May 2013.

Pentimenti, Lauryna Sableviciute and Nicholas Ashton, 24 March 2013 at the University of Salford Sonic Fusion Festival, UK.

Four Desert Flowers for flute and marimba, Svet Stoyanov and Brook Ferguson, 26 March 2013 at Colorado State University, USA.

Streamlines for solo piano, Da Vinci Trio, 1pm, 14 June 2013, West End Festival.


Limn, for piano and cello, Huw Watkins and Robin Michael, University of Glasgow, 1 November 2012.

Diptych for solo piano, Zubin Kanga (piano), 11 in Melbourne (at the Melbourne Recital Centre) and 17 August in Sydney (at the Independent Theatre, North Sydney).

Limn for cello and piano, Robin Michael (cello), Huw Watkins (piano), 1 November 2012, Concert Hall, University of Glasgow, UK.

On Bright Air for solo flute, performed by Joshua Batty at the launch of the Arcomis Flute Album on 16 May 2012 as part of the Elektrostatic concert series in Bristol.


On Bright Air for solo flute, premiered by Joshua Batty, Arcomis International Flute Event, 2 April 2011, Cardiff, UK.

Four Desert Flowers for flute and marimba, Ruth Morley (flute), Rhian Macleod (marimba), 3 March 2011, University of Glasgow, UK.