11 June 2017: Click here to read my new blog post about my piece D-re-A-mi-N-gl-Y.

6 December 2016: My piece for solo cello Winter Song has been released on CD, performed by Robert Irvine Songs and Lullabies.

1 October 2016: Great interview featuring Benjamin Beilman ahead of his tour of Australia with Andrew Tyson playing my new piece commissioned by Musica Viva Australia (Hildegard Project)

29 May 2016: My new piece for solo cello Winter Song was premiered by Robert Irvine at the Loch Shiel Festival on 16th April.Halcyon have a released a CD on the Tall Poppies label in Australia. The CD features my piece Round the Bay.

21 August 2015: I am very excited to be writing a new piece for Benjamin Beilman and Andrew Tyson for Musica Viva’s International Concert Season 2016.

9 June 2015: Check out my blog about my current project for mezzo soprano, piano and percussion, to be performed in ‘Warsaw’.

9 June 2015: I am involved with two events at the Glasgow Science Festival this week. On Thursday 11 June my collaborator Dr. Emilie Combet and I will exhibit our project ‘Tasty Notes’, and on Sunday 14 June Dr. Louise Harris and I will present our work for the ‘Halo Harp’.

28 May 2015: Dr. Louise Harris and I appeared on the Riverside Show on STV Glasgow talking about our new work for the Halo Harp to be featured in the Glasgow Science Festival on 14 June.

23 March 2015: I will be giving pre-concert talks for Scottish Chamber Orchestra in 2016: in Edinburgh (7/4/16) and Glasgow (8/4/16) Scottish Chamber Orchestra

7 March 2015: I will be appearing on BBC Radio Scotland’s Classics Unwrapped this Tuesday 10 March.

14 February 2015: Red Note Ensemble’s recording of Suite for clarinet, violin, cello, and piano is now available on my SoundCloud page SuiteI will be composing a new work for mezzo soprano, piano and percussion, to be premiered in Warsaw at Krolikarnia Sculpture Museum, by performers including Emilia Sitarz and Magdalena Kordylasinska

7 May 2014: The score for Helix Reflection is now available from the Australian Music Centre.

14 April 2014: Here is a review of a concert given by Ensemble Offspring including my piece Helix Reflection

5 April 2014: Here is a link to a podcast by ABC Classic FM featuring a recording of Round the Bay, performed by Halcyon on 29 March 2014.

22 March 2014: Very excited to have been awarded a grant from the Australia Council for the Arts to compose a new work for Bernadette Harvey.

4 March 2014: Here is a link to a video recorded performance by Ensemble Offspring of Helix Reflection at Sydney Grammar School in November 2013 Helix Reflection. This piece was also included in a brodcast on 1 March 2014 on ABC Classic FM’s New Music Up Late in a programme showcasing Ensemble Offspring New Music Up Late.

27 January 2014: My piece for piano Gathering (2009) will be performed by Donna Coleman at the Tenth Festival of Women Composers, Indiana University, 13-15 February 2014.

Pentimenti will be performed by Nicholas Ashton and Lauryna Sablevicuiteon 18 February, 1.10pm at Reid Hall, University of Edinburgh.

10 June 2013: My new work for piano, Streamlines II will be premiered by Scott Mitchell as part of the West End Festival at the University of Glasgow. Here is a link to more information Da Vinci Trio concert, West End Festival

21 March 2013: Here is a link to a new podcast by ABC Classic FM featuring Zubin Kanga’s performance of my piece Diptych.